"Glow Better" Tanning

Experience the ultimate in sunless tanning with Hunny Boutique's new "Glow Better" Tanning Mousse. This innovative product offers a safe and effective way to achieve a beautiful, Mediterranean, sun-kissed glow without any harmful UV exposure.

Discover the secret to achieving a gorgeous and radiant tan with our cutting-edge violet-based tanning mousse.

"Glow Better" is a temporary tan that can be washed off after 2 hours. Our Tan is specially designed for individuals with green veins, brown or hazel eyes, who prefer gold jewellery, naturally tan under the sun, and/or have a yellow undertone in their skin.

"Glow Better" Benefits:

• Violet based

• Deep Mediterranean inspired tan

• Lightweight mousse & serum formula

• Easy to apply

• Fast drying, no transfer, non-tacky formula

• Streak free results

• Suitable for both face and body

• Vegan friendly, paraben free formula

• 100% natural DHA actives

• Luminous Glow

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Glow Better Tan!

A violet based lightweight self tanning mousse that develops into a deep flawless Mediterranean inspired tan. Ideal for those with yellow skin.

Easy to apply for flawless, streak-free results every time.

We are passionately dedicated to sustainability, we carefully select our "Glow Better" ingredients to ensure they are sustainably sourced. By minimizing our environmental impact, we strive to provide sustainable beauty options for everyone. It's not just about the products themselves - even our packaging materials are sustainably sourced.

"Glow Better" products contain 100% natural DHA tan actives, without any additional chemicals that may be harmful to you or the environment. Our "Glow Better" tanning products are free of parabens, sulphates, phthalates, mineral oils, and palm oil. Instead, they are enriched with high-quality plant derived ingredients, making our products completely vegan.

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